Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Sugar Cookies

Q. Who can I send cookies to?

A. Literally anyone within our shipping zones. We ship to all U.S. Territories, Military Addresses and throughout the U.S.A. herself!


Q. Can I have them shipped to a hotel or airbnb?

A. Hotels: Absolutely BUT please note that hotels can be rather unstable in terms of keeping track of your packages once received. It is YOUR responsibility to check the hotel's policies regarding packages and to follow along with the tracking number provided to ensure that the front desk knows what you expect from them once it arrives. Please note, we do ship for them to arrive within the 7 days prior so there may be a storage fee.

B. Airbnbs: It is YOUR responsibility to check the airbnb's policies regarding packages and to follow along with the tracking number provided to ensure someone is available to retrieve them once it arrives. We do ship for them to arrive within the 7 days prior so there may be a previous tenant or they may end up sitting on the porch for a week. Airbnb's often have all mail halted to that property as there is no permanent tenant. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND!


Q. How do I place my order?

A.  Simply click on the photo of the product in the appropriate category that you would like, select the quantity and variations you desire and add to cart! The checkout process is a breeze. Select your shipping or Pick Up method.


Q. What does "BAKED-TO-ORDER" mean?

A. We bake to each individual order, for each person who orders. Our products are not sitting on a shelf collecting dust. We bake for the purpose of delivering the freshest possible product to each recipient. Your Order will ship to ARRIVE within the 7 days prior to your date needed.


Q. How can I get free delivery?

A.  Enter the promo code FREESHIPPING when you're in your cart to receive Free Delivery if you spend at least $100. 


Q. Cookie Packaging:

A. Cookies are individually wrapped in a heat sealed treat bag. You may opt to add a color coordinating ribbon for an additional $4.00 per Dozen. They are nestled into a bed of packing peanuts and bubble wrap and placed into a box. Each box is cushioned with packaging materials to ensure safe delivery. 

A cookie may very occasionally break or crack, but it will still taste great. We will NOT refund an order unless 50% of the order is destroyed and broken. Please contact us immediately with any concerns, as we want to make your experience truly a fun one!


Q. Can products be frozen?

A. We DO NOT recommend it. Your cookies are always shipped to arrive as close as safely possible to your "Need By" date. Each cookie is heat sealed to remain fresh up to 30 days. After 30 days, the texture may start to harden slightly. We always recommend enjoying them fresh first. Freezing cookies may result in a bleeding of colors, spotting and just plain icing ickiness from condensation.


Q. How much in advance do I need to order?

A. There is a 2 week processing time REQUIRED before shipment as each item is handmade to order. If an order is needed prior, please use the Order Form to confirm we can ship sooner to your location. There WILL BE a $10 Per Dozen Rush Order Fee applied.


Q. What if I have a Cookie emergency?

A. You are always welcome to give us a call or shoot us an email to see what we rush dates we might have available to help in your last minute needs. If an order is needed prior to the required 2 week processing time, please confirm we can ship sooner to your location. There WILL BE a $10 Per Dozen Rush Order Fee applied.

Q. What if I have allergies?

A. Disclosure:

Sweet Sanctions, LLC and The Naughty Cookie Box are not Allergen Free Bakeries. While we do take every precaution necessary to avoid cross-contamination, all products may come in contact with nuts, peanuts, milk, wheat or other allergens.

If there is a known food allergy, PLEASE REFRAIN from placing an order.


Q. Can you match the colors of my theme?

A. We would love to create a custom cookie for you! Please give us a little bit of notice. We ask for at least 2 weeks, but you can jump on our baking schedule months in advance...the more notice the better. We will do our best to create a cookie that is just perfect for your wedding, birthday, shower or other special occasion. There is a customization fee added to any customized order and varies based on level of customization.


Q. When will my cookies arrive?

A. We ship all orders to arrive as close as safely possible to your "date needed" based on the current delays showing in your location. Delays are inconsistently ranging from "On-time - 3 days" and checked daily. Each cookie is heat sealed to remain fresh and unchanged for a minimum of 30 days at room temperature.

We suggest ordering one month in advance if possible, REQUIRING a minimum of a 2 week lead time.  Orders are only added to the schedule and processed once purchase and payment is completed. 

Because shipping requires a 3rd party, we cannot guarantee their schedule or responsibilities but do make every effort to be aware of weather and circumstances to ship for the safest arrival. You will be provided with a tracking number for your own records and to watch the excitement arrive at your door!

We ship throughout the US, as well as APO and AFO addresses via USPS and FedEx, based on the size, shapes, and location of each order.

Due to the perishable nature of our products...WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS! We package to the best of our ability without use of Ice Packs and CANNOT be held responsible for damage. Deliveries are left on doorstep if unavailable, so PLEASE be sure someone is expecting your package.

Q. Why should I order from Naughty Cookie Box?

A.  Because we love what we do. We love your excitement and kind words when you receive your packages. We adore hearing about the sugary aroma when you open your cookies. Our staff works hard every day to earn the respect and relationships that we have with our customers for over 11 years. Because we simply just love you.